Core Values


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
Integrity can be clearly seen when we think that no one is watching. We like to keep in mind that someone is ALWAYS watching.

How We Live This Value:
“I always do my job to the best of my abilities regardless of supervision or recognition. I always work as if someone is over my shoulder, watching my every move.”
— Technical Support Staff

Deliberately Promise/Over Deliver

That’s it - plain and simple.
Ever had a package not arrive on time? How did you feel? Ever have a package arrive early? How did it make you feel?

How We Live This Value:
“I make sure we provide our customers realistic delivery dates for their orders. I will push hard to deliver early – but don’t accept not meeting a delivery date.”
— Sales Staff

Discipline (Frugality)

Showing a controlled form of behavior or way of working.
At LDARtools we believe that being deliberate and frugal in how we invest our money, our time, our effort and our reputation.

How We Live This Value:
“Inventory is extremely important, I know we spend a lot of money on it. When I first started I had to be extremely self-disciplined about recording all parts I was using. It wasn’t natural at first, I would sometime forget. But once I made myself do it, it became habit.”
— Inventory/Procurement Staff

1% Investment Each Day Toward Best

We strive to invest 1% of everything each day in driving our processes, our products and our relationships from good to better to best.
Imagine all the areas of your life that would benefit from a 1% investment.

How We Live This Value:
“I try to contribute to LDARtools in any way I can every single day. Sometimes it’s through feedback about a procedure or finding a way to be more efficient with inventory or repairs.”
— phx21 Technician

90% Rule

From years of managing different types of people in myriad environments, one thing has always stood out – feedback.
90% of the influence that we have on one another is NEGATIVE because it is based on feedback that we don’t provide. If someone is doing something right and we don’t recognize it, they eventually conclude that either it isn’t right or that we don’t care. Similarly, if someone is doing something wrong and we don’t offer correction, they will conclude either that it is not wrong or that we don’t care.

How We Live This Value:
“To help avoid the “90% negative influence”, I always make sure to tell people “great job” and make sure management knows when someone goes above & beyond.”
— Management Staff


Some people wander through their work.
Others notice what is going on around them and wonder about it. Others feel strongly and are willing to argue, if needed, about how things could be done better. We strive to be the ones who are eager to learn. Learning flows from the proper application of Discipline, Humility, 90% and 1% (??).

How We Live This Value:
“This process is probably one of the coolest things about LDARtools. We are taught a skill, may not fully understand why we are doing it, but get to figure it through practice. For me, it has created a lot of ownership of the process. After the “learning” stage was complete on a couple procedures, I was educated enough to make the procedure even better.”
— phx21 Technician

First Mistake is Golden

The first mistake we make is golden - if we learn from it. It is effort disguised as education; progress disguised as failure - if we learn from it.
“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” — Albert Einstein

How We Live This Value:
“I have certainly made a lot of mistakes in regards to phx21 repairs and production, but every mistake has taught me something. Some lessons where small. Other lessons were BIG, but lead to BIG money savings.”
— phx21 Technician

Insist on Happiness

Life is too short to invest any of it, in a process, a place, or with people who aren’t determined to be happy.
Fun is not the fruit of a stress-free environment, it is a choice we make about how we handle any stressors.

How We Live This Value:
“No job in history will ever be stress free or perfect. Each and every job I’ve ever had, has had it’s ups and downs. LDARtools has created an amazing work environment, which makes it easy to say that this is the best job I’ve ever had!”
— Technical Support Staff


A very large quantity of something.
There is far more than we need always available to us. Keep in mind that what has already been provided is of infinitely greater value than what we think will be in the future.

How We Live This Value:
“We celebrate abundance when we have it, but never in a way that would harm us in the future. We always keep in mind that we can’t predict the future.”
— Sales Staff

Humility (Open-mindedness)

A modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness.
We recognize that are never the smartest person in the room. We maintain an eagerness to learn and grateful to those who have contributed to our success. Being open-minded to customer feedback has played an integral role in product development.

How We Live This Value:
“I am open to getting feedback from co-workers. I never close the door on learning something new or rule out any possibility that I might have overlooked something. I’ve noticed with new employees, sometimes they can see things from a different perspective – which can be really refreshing.”
— Archer /MESA Technician